Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Color Club Earthy Angel + Stamping

Hi everyone! So I tried out mannequin hands today, haha. But then I spiced it up with some stamping :)

Earthy Angel is basically my skin color but with a little bit of a pink/rosy undertone, haha. Formula was nice, dry time was average. This is two coats.

Anyway, thanks for reading and let me know what you think! I am not sure how I feel about this yet... :P

  • Base Color: Color Club Earthy Angel
  • Stamp Color: Konad Black
  • Plate: BM225

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tribal Nails!

Hi everyone! So I finally got around to doing tribal nails! :)

I started off with two coats of Bettina Clouds, which is seriously the best white I have ever used. All of the whites I have tried in the past are nasty, streaky, and look like I painted my nails with white out.  The formula on Clouds is amazing and smooth...  It's a "real" white but it's... soft... like, not as stark. It's amazing and so pretty...

Afterwards I sponged on a bunch of different colors and then stamped on a fun polynesian-esque tribal print.

Thanks so much for reading and let me know what you think!

  • Base Color: Bettina Clouds
  • Sponged Colors: Orange- Bettina Art Deco Orange, Yellow- Bettina Art Deco Yellow, Navy- Bettina Indigo, Red- OPI Red My Fortune Cookie
  • Stamp Color: Konad Black 
  • Plate: BM221
(**Bettina products sent for review**)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Haze + Shine of the Times

Hi! Quick post today. I went to the beach the other day with a bunch of friends so I wanted something really pretty and fresh... and something simple so I wouldn't be sad when it chipped in the water, haha.

Anyway, thanks for reading and let me know what you think!

  • Base Color: Bettina Haze
  • Flakie: Essie Shine of the Times
(**Bettina products sent for review**)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nebula/Galaxy Nails... Fail

Hi! So I have been wanting to do some galaxy nails for the longest time but I just never got around to it, well, I finally got to do them!

So um. Yea. I personally don't think these turned out all that great, haha. The stars are too big (I couldn't make tiny ones for some reason!) and my nebula's are really messy. I wasn't going to post them but some of my FB followers said they still wanted to see them, haha. Anyway, I will try again sometime in the future, cause after all, practice makes perfect!

Thanks so much for reading! Happy Sunday!

  • Base Color: Wet N Wild Black Creme
  • Stars: Wet N Wild White
  • Glitter: Bettina Orion
  • Nebula: White- Wet N Wild White,  Pink- Bettina #4, Yellow- Bettina Yellow, Color Club- Blue-Topia
(**Bettina products sent for review**)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Shabby Drab and Polka Dots!

Hi everyone! Happy Valentine's Day! :) I'm probably just going to stay home and read The Hunger Games and eat chocolate but I thought I would do my nails anyway :P

So I guess it's not the most Valentine-y but I didn't really want to do hearts or anything so I just went with some pastel polka dots!

I started off with two coats of Color Club Shabby Drab, a gorgeous dusty periwinkle color! Like seriously, it's gorgeous! Formula was awesome (despite being a tad bit water-y), dry time was fast and this baby dried shiny! This is two effortless coats.

Anyway, thanks so much for reading and let me know what you think! Happy Valentine's Day! :)


  • Base Color: Color Club Shabby Drab
  • Polka Dot Colors: Green- Revlon Minted, Pink- Bettina Orion layered over Bettina #4, White- Wet N Wild White
(**Bettina products sent for review**)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Color Club New Bohemian + Revlon Whimsical

Hi! So I was at Longs the other day and I stopped by the Revlon display and it was packed full with Whimsicals along with a whole bunch of awesome colors. I snatched it up immediately. I was so excited!!  I couldn't wait to try it :)

I started off with two coats of Color Club New Bohemian, which is basically the same color as China Glaze For Audrey... but I want to say NB is maybe just a pinch greener but it's not as green as in the pictures, haha... Let me know if you want a comparison. Formula was a little runny but nothing horrible. Application was patchy on the first coat but evened out by the second. Dry time was average. This is two coats.

Whimsical is really sheer, which is why I layered it over NB. The glitter is kind of sparse and you have to sort of place it where you want it. But besides that, application was fine. It's very pretty. There is pink and blue hexagonal glitter, along with reflective micro glitter all suspended in a light milky blue base. Dry time was average. This is two coats.

I am so happy! I have officially bought my first Deborah Lippmann dupe, hahaha. It's gorgeous! I have been really into glitter lately... In other news, I didn't get to take photos until like 4:00 PM, and I usually like to take photos at 12:00 because the natural lighting is always nice. But I was crazy busy today... I got a little side job as a helper and the hours are always during my "blog hours" :( Oh well, I'll make it work ^_^

Anyway, thank you so much for reading and be sure to let me know if you picked up any of the Revlon dupes :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bettina Boogie

Hi everyone! I know I have been MIA lately but that's going to change :) And hopefully this gorgeous color from Bettina's Disco will make up for it...

Boogie is a gorgeous. It's your average blue violet color packed with glass flecks... It's a little lighter IRL than in the pictures...And there is a even a little brown/gold duo-chrome that sadly, isn't that visible on the nail. Formula was fine. Sheer on the first coat but almost opaque by the second. Dry time was fast. This is three coats :)

In other news... I have a surprise coming soon. I just have to wait for it to actually get here, haha. So excited :)

Anyway, thank you so much for reading and be sure to let me know what you think!

(**Product sent for review**)
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