Hello everyone!

So I have some news... And I guess you could see this coming for a while now, seeing as my posts have been less and less frequent... But I'm leaving. The past six months of this blog have been quite bare, and it wasn't as if I wasn't trying, I really was, but between being a high school student, my social life, my other interests, etc, etc, blogging became more of a chore than something I actually enjoyed. And I still love doing my nails! Don't get me wrong, I will most likely continue to be painting my tips for years to come, but I don't think I can keep up anymore with all of the new polishes, collections, image plates, and things like that to keep y'all entertained.

Another reason why I I'm leaving, is because I don't really have any inspiration (I honestly don't know how these bloggers come up with so many ideas), and on top of that, I'm only a student, so I don't have any money to buy any new nail polishes, or supplies, and at the moment, I'm really content with my personal polish stash.

This has been a really hard decision for me, because I kept telling myself "this week I'm going to start again", but life would keep getting in the way, and I kept on breaking promises.

I finally had to just realize that it wasn't going to happen, and I've had my fun. In these two wonderful years, I've reached my original goal of 500 followers (I'm actually at 700!!), and I've made friends, learned a lot, and most of all, had fun, which is why I made this blog in the first place. 

You can always follow me on my personal instagram (Kellycupcakeee) cause I post NOTD on there for my friends and stuff, but I shall keep Posh for Polish open, so you can look through my posts, and hopefully find some inspiration and ideas, your own polish adventures. 

Thank you so much for everything. I love you all <3 nbsp="nbsp">


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Sorry to see you go but support your decision, Thank you for your time,effort and sharing your creativity! Im glad you are leaving your blog open, maybe one day you will decide to come back or share a really awesome mani on occassion, be safe and enjoy life :)

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