Saturday, May 28, 2011

Silver and Blue

Today I decided to polish my nails using a silver, I chose Celeb City (HERE). I then stamped using a blue polish, it looks awesome from a distance. I think it turned out really pretty(:

My cuticles look super nasty, lol. Anywho, let me know if you like it(:

  • Base Color: Sally Hansen Celeb City
  • Stamp Color: Konad Blue SP
  • Plate: M63

Friday, May 27, 2011

Oh Well...

So you know those times where you have a mani idea and it turns out amazing?? Well, this ISN'T one of those times. I looked through my stash and picked out a gorgeous purple and then picked out a stamp-able bright green. They looked amazing together. I then chose an image that I use quite frequently so I knew that I couldn't really mess it up. Ya... that didn't turn out very well... 

Yuck, I know :( So many things went wrong, for example; I had a gorgeous purple (Click HERE) on except it looked blueberry blue on the camera! I was lucky if I got a somewhat purple pic. Second of all, the stamp that I used, I can never remember the way I like to stamp it... well, I stamped it the wrong way. It looks super weird... Third, (this has happened to me before when using this color) I applied a topcoat after and then the bright green went mutant!! It turned into a weird, murky, military green!! Weird right?? Once, I used a gold, and the gold turned purple!! WTH? 

It seems like the past couple of weeks, all of my konadicures are fails. Well you know what?? That stops NOW!! Tomorrow I am going to try again and it's going to be awesome! 

What do you think think?? Do you agree that this is awful, or do you somehow like it??

  • Base Color: Sinful Colors Let's Talk
  • Stamp Color: Pure Ice Wild Thing
  • Plate: M78

Thursday, May 26, 2011



So I have a couple of things that I would like to talk about. First of all, I never really liked my blog name and I was thinking about changing it. Just for a little while though, see how I like it. I was thinking about changing it to "Posh for Polish".  Do any of you like that name?? It's just a thought though.... but if I like it and other people like it I might also change my URL, which brings me to my second thing, would someone lose all of their followers if they changed their URL??

Anywho, please let me know what you think about the name. I also wanted to mention that on my "Nail Polish Collection Tab" I changed it and instead of photos I changed it to... I think they call it a "spreadsheet"? IDK, I might be wrong.

I am also thinking about changing my comment thing. Do you like it the way it is or would you rather have a tiny window pop up.

You also may notice how my new posts have awesome, clear, close up pictures. YUPPP, new camera(: And I am loving it!! I also redid a couple of swatch posts, I updated them. I will be updating more this week.

Anywho, that's pretty much everything.... Be sure to let me know if your "Posh for Polish" ;)

Updated Posts:

Mellow Yellow... the best yellow ever!

For some reason, when it comes to yellow polish, I have the hardest time finding them. I find these little wannabe yellows (the gross looking kind with shimmer) but I can never find a true yellow creme. It took me 6 months to find Lightning by Sally Hansen (Insta-Dry). The week before I finally saw Lightning, I spotted this yellow creme in the X-treme Wear section. I could have never asked for a better yellow.

Mellow Yellow is sort of in between a yellow, yellow, and a medium yellow. It looks different in different lights. The last picture is proof of that... I think that was taken in the shade. A lot of people say that the formula on yellows are a pain in the butt, but honestly, I didn't have any trouble. I admit that the first coat was a little patchy, but everything evened out on the second. Drying time was average.

What's your favorite yellow?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Jade is... My New Favorite

Jade is the New Black is probably my new favorite. Not only is the color freak-ing gorgeous, the formula on this was amazing!! It was so creamy.... it made the application buttery smooth. JitNB is sort of a cross between a jade color (obviously) and a hunter-y green. It's dark but light at the same time.So yes, I love everything about this color, the shade, the name, the formula!! Everything was amazing!! This is two coats.

Onto the photos:

I am loving my new camera!! I can get up super close. So close in fact, that I only do 3 fingers lol (only when I am lazy though). Which one of you can spot my naked pinkie?? ;)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Planks-a-Lot+Pirates of the Caribbean movie AWESOME-NESS!!

Yesterday I saw the Pirates of the Caribbean so I thought right now would be a perfect time to show this lavender beauty.

Planks-a-Lot is this gorgeous creamy lavender/lilac color, with just enough pigment to take it out of the pastel category. The formula on this was dreamy and the only application problem I had was a little bald spot on my index finger. Dry time was average. This is 3 coats.

Also, I wanted to mention that I actually DID stamp over this, but it turned out horrible, and then I dented it... *sigh* it wasn't pretty... so I just removed it! lol... but I added glitter polish and stuff and now there are specks of glitter everywhere...

So if you read the title of the post, you may notice how I mentioned the Pirates movie. Well, that awesome-ness is starting now, READ ON!
Like I said in the beginning, I went to go see the movie last night. Well, the movie guy came into the theatre and said that the people who produced the movie told him to tell us to wait until the end of the credits!! After the (amazing) movie was finished we all waited...and waited... and waited. And BAM! There was like a paragraph saying thank you to Kauai (!!!) for letting us film here!!!! It was awesome!! And then everybody started clapping and stuff. And then there was this SUPER SUPER SUPER funny clip at the end...

Anywho, there was this one part where they are walking into this cave and I was like, OMG OMG OMG!! THAT'S THE BLUE ROOM!! I HAVE BEEN THERE!!!!! And there was this jungle I was all like OMG OMG OMG!! THAT'S COCO PALMS!! And there was this one beach scene and again, I was like OMG OMG OMG, WE CAMPED THERE!! lol, yessss, I had a good time. It was awesome that they filmed on "my" island(:

If you haven't seen the movie go see it!! It's pretty cool and really entertaining.

Monday, May 9, 2011

epic, Epic, EPIC FAIL! (I like the idea though)


I like the idea that I had but it just turned out messy and yucky and just plain awful! My stamping was way off and my stupid matte topcoat smudged everything... Sad thing is, is that I worked so hard on this!! It took my like... 30 minutes!! (I'm slow... don't judge, lol)

Well, I guess I have my good days and my bad days...

Also... I don't know what is up with the quality.. having camera problems...

The next couple of days I will be packing!! Finally coming home(: I'll do my best to try and squeeze in a post before I leave. Once I am home I will be on my regular schedule, with all of my polishes so yay! More variety!! lol

Anyway, like I said, nice idea but EPIC fail.
Thanks so much for stopping by(:

  • Base Colors: China Glaze For Audrey, China Glaze Tree Hugger
  • Stamp Color: Black Pearl SP
  • Plate: M57
  • Hard Candy Matte Topcoat

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Well... not much to say about this. I don't really like it and I am not exactly sure why... Also, the color is not at all what the base looks like. It is a green, not a blue. I have a crazy looking picture at the end of the post that shows what the green looks like. 

Do you like this mani?? Why or why not, I would love to know(:

As promised, the crazy picture:

Haha, as you can see, my skin tone is very strange and I didn't want all of my photos looking like some sun burnt Snookie, so yup, one crazy picture it is.

Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting/following if you have(:

  • Base Color: Color Nail Varnish #32
  • Stamp Color: Konad Black SP
  • Plate: M57

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Black and White

I realized that I haven't used black and white in a while so viola! Here is my B&W mani. Hope you like it, products used listed on the bottom of the page.

 Let me know if you like it or not. Also, I started using a different camera and a different way of photographing my nails, I was wondering if you like it or not. I also have a post planned for later this week but I took the photos using my old camera (I did that mani like... last month or something). So ya, after that post, everything will be using the new camera... if that makes sense.

Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting/following if you have(:

  • Base Color: Carla White Nail Varnish
  • Stamp Color: Black Pearl SP
  • Plate: M74

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Kreative Blogger Award

Hi everyone(:
I wanted to thank Harri from Trailerhood Chic for this award.

Here are the rules:
Write 10 facts about yourself.
Pass the award to 10 bloggers and tell them about the award.

Ok, 10 facts... hmmmm...

1. I have just finished the 8th grade... moving onto 9th.
2. I wear glasses but I just got contacts... still trying to get used to them
3. Probably my most favorite food in the world is Campbells Chicken Noodle Soup... so yummy!
4. At the moment I am currently obsessing over this TV show called How I Met Your Mother, I just finished the 4th season a couple of weeks ago.
5. Probably my most favorite nail polish brand would be OPI, it's easy for me to get and I love their brushes and color range. Plus they come in mini's, lol.
6. My favorite band in the world are the Beatles, THEY RULE!!!
7. Basically my most prized possession is my iPod Touch. I bring it with me everywhere.... DOODLE JUMP!
8. I actually call two places home. First one is on Kauai, second one is in Bali. But I live in Hawaii most of the time...
9. This might sound weird but I really want a Teacup Pig.... they are so cute!!
10.  One of my most favorite words is "Posh".

Moving onto the blogger part...

The Last 3 I am going to leave open, so if your reading this, consider yourself tagged!! :)

8. You
9. You
10. ...and YOU!

Thank you so much for stopping by and following if you have!! :)
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