Monday, May 9, 2011

epic, Epic, EPIC FAIL! (I like the idea though)


I like the idea that I had but it just turned out messy and yucky and just plain awful! My stamping was way off and my stupid matte topcoat smudged everything... Sad thing is, is that I worked so hard on this!! It took my like... 30 minutes!! (I'm slow... don't judge, lol)

Well, I guess I have my good days and my bad days...

Also... I don't know what is up with the quality.. having camera problems...

The next couple of days I will be packing!! Finally coming home(: I'll do my best to try and squeeze in a post before I leave. Once I am home I will be on my regular schedule, with all of my polishes so yay! More variety!! lol

Anyway, like I said, nice idea but EPIC fail.
Thanks so much for stopping by(:

  • Base Colors: China Glaze For Audrey, China Glaze Tree Hugger
  • Stamp Color: Black Pearl SP
  • Plate: M57
  • Hard Candy Matte Topcoat


Breigh said...

Aww it's not that bad! If you want to see stamping fail visit my blog and look a few posts down. Oh man I did some BAD stamping with the Essence stampy set haha I just got my first konad set and what a difference!!!

Yasmin said...

Haha it isn't THAT bad lol! The idea is definitely nice though! try using scotch tape on the sides so the middle is open. It will look straighter even if the edges of the stamp aren't perfect.

Kelly said...

Breigh: Ya, when I first started using Konad I was pretty bad... now I am just "ok", lol. You get the hand of it... I didn't know Essence had plates.

Yasmin: Oh! Thanks for the idea!! I will be sure to try it(: Thanks again ^_^

Smita said...

great idea!! it's really not that bad! :)

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