Thursday, May 26, 2011



So I have a couple of things that I would like to talk about. First of all, I never really liked my blog name and I was thinking about changing it. Just for a little while though, see how I like it. I was thinking about changing it to "Posh for Polish".  Do any of you like that name?? It's just a thought though.... but if I like it and other people like it I might also change my URL, which brings me to my second thing, would someone lose all of their followers if they changed their URL??

Anywho, please let me know what you think about the name. I also wanted to mention that on my "Nail Polish Collection Tab" I changed it and instead of photos I changed it to... I think they call it a "spreadsheet"? IDK, I might be wrong.

I am also thinking about changing my comment thing. Do you like it the way it is or would you rather have a tiny window pop up.

You also may notice how my new posts have awesome, clear, close up pictures. YUPPP, new camera(: And I am loving it!! I also redid a couple of swatch posts, I updated them. I will be updating more this week.

Anywho, that's pretty much everything.... Be sure to let me know if your "Posh for Polish" ;)

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Ice Queen said...

I think that you should have whatever blog name makes you happy.

I tried to change my URL on my other blog and I kept my followers, if I remember correctly but I lost my blogroll and I disappeared off everyone else's blogroll. Yikes! I changed it back, immediately. lol

If you need to change your URL and have a do over, you might want to keep both going for a while so that everyone here can follow you over to new blog land. :)

Kelly said...

Ice Queen: When you changed your URL, did it keep all of the posts, comments, ETC?? Or is it basically like a whole new blog?? Would the same thing happen if I bought a domain??

Thanks for the advice(:

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