Saturday, July 31, 2010

Review: Seche Vite Topcoat

If you look at nail tutorials on youtube, everybody usually has the same topcoat. The Seche Vite Topcoat.

I found out that when you use Seche Vite as your topcoat, your manicure is going to last for a long time. I did my friends nails a couple of weeks ago and I used this topcoat, her manicure lasted for 1 week and 4 days WITHOUT chipping! How awsome is that?! The application is really nice and I love the brush. But what is REALLY awsome is the finish. After it dries, your nails feel so smooth! You can tell right away that nothing can ding the surface.
So basically you get a 1 week no chipping mani and a fast drying anti-ding surface for a great price! That's a pretty good deal.
I am not sure how much they cost at stores, I think this one was around $8-$10, but I know you can find them on Amazon for $4.50 or something like that.
Overall, I really like this product, and I definitely see myself buying more :)


Let them have Polish! said...

If you haven't yet. Stock up on this stuff. I swear by it.

Kelly said...

@Let Them Have Polish: I know!! I am so bummed because I don't have a lot left in this freakishly small bottle and i can't get any out!! (sometimes if I am lucky though, I can get some out) What makes it even more annoying is that I can't find it anywhere!! I'm probably just going to have to buy it online... either that or wait till I go to Idaho (I have family that live there), they have a Sally's Beauty Supply there (I can't wait till that day!!!)

Thanks for commenting!! :)

Sarah said...

if you're a nailpolish freak (and it seems like you are) you really should look into the online retailers. There's 8ty8 beauty and transdesign to name a couple. they have awesome prices on china glaze, opi, and even seche vite! (I love it too!)

Kelly said...

I have heard of those sites (still, thanks for reminding me), but since I am still young (almost a teenager, YAY!!! 5 MORE MONTHS TO GOOOO!!!!! lol) my dad doesn't like me ordering things from the web. But hopefully he will let me order it off of amazon :) By the way, would you happen to know the shipping price if i bought a bottle of Seche off Transdesign?? As for my mini bottle, I can finally use it again!! The brush is messed up right now because since it is not touched the "product" it has dried up, thank god for macys! i was in there and found these little brushes at clinique, ones used for testing, grabbed a bunch, not sure what i would use them for and VIOLA!! I can use them as a brush for my top coat, YAY!!! lol

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