Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bettina #197

Behold! My attempt at the ruffian manicure! 

Haha, I have no idea what happened to my ring finger... it.... got destroyed. Anyway, I was really excited to try this idea. I painted two coats of the grey on first and then with my nail art brush I drew a little semi circle, and then filled the circle in with Bettina Aqua. Now, most of you know that I have no free hand nail artistic ability so even the stupid circle turned out bad. Then I went back and tried to fix it with the grey... let's just say I have a lot of layers of polish on my nails right now, lol.

Besides that (and my ugly ring finger) I think think this turned out ok for my first try... I guess next time I should skip the tiny drawing of a little circle and just use the regular brush :P

Bettina #197 is surprisingly hard to describe. At first it looks like a regular grey, but it's actually a very blue/periwinkle toned grey so in some lighting, it looks kind of like a grey-ed out version of Zoya Caitlin. Very pretty. #197 is so opaque! I literally only needed one coat! Except one coat, in pictures, usually show every single nail imperfection I have so I did two. Formula was awesome. Dry time was average. 

Despite my awful semi circles and my ring finger, I think this turned out rather cute. What about you??

  • Base Color: Bettina #197
  • Blue: Bettina Aqua
  • Stamp Color: Konad Black Pearl
  • Plate: BM201
(**Products sent for review**)


Fashion Footing said...

Very cute :-)

Polish Vixen Marisa said...

I lOVE this!! I'm going to have to try it!! XOXO

imfeelingnail-venturous said...

Such a great post! P.S. I voted yes in your poll!

Manicured Monkey said...

so creative, love it! you can use the little white paper hole reinforcers for your circles instead of free hand :) I hear they work well.

Kelly said...

Fashion Footing, Polish Vixen Marisa: Glad you like it:)

imfeelingnail-venturous: Thanks so much for voting!

Manicured Monkey : Thanks! Ill definitely have to try that :)

Fingers said...

I am really digging this Bettina brand!

Rie (Nails and Noms) said...

Ooh, I love this look Kelly!

Nory said...

Hey! Loving the colors! Randomly found your blog and I must say it's super awesome!

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