Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Readers Request: Skittles!

 Hi everyone! Happy Wednesday! So this isn't technically a readers request, but I was lacking inspiration and I went on Twitter and one of my Twitter lovelies suggested a skittle manicure :) I don't think I have ever done one so I decided to go ahead and do it!

Relatively simple but I really like it :) Oh, and yes, the nubs are back.

In other news, so sorry I haven't been posting much! School is absolutely crazy (dang Biology is killing me MAN!) but Summer break is coming up in a couple days so YEAAAAA. Also, I am also semi grieving. Le beautiful Zayn Malik is officially taken by Perrie Edwards. *le cries* I am so happy for him and I really like her (I'm a Little Mixer as well) but at the same time I am really sad hahahah... Not sure why exactly seeing as I have 0% chance of getting with him but..  I'm lame >.> oh, and yes... I'm a Directioner. A very dedicated one at that. LMAO, you probably think I'm crazy. I'm curious to see if I am the only directioner in the nail blogging world (Almost typed 'Niall' in stead of 'nail')... I'm in a very silly mood right now... In case you couldn't tell haha... *Sigh* Zayn Malik... Oh, and FYI, it's pronounced 'Malick' not 'Maleek'. I have heard so many people say that and it's bugging me hahah.

Anywho, I might do some striped nails later this week inspired by Louis Tomlinson's signature striped shirt... Or something else related to 1D... But I'll make it awesome enough so if your not a One Direction fan (*gasp*) you'll enjoy them nonetheless!

 Anyway, thank you so much for reading and be sure to let me know what you think! :D

  • Base Colors: Purple- Zoya Kieko, Yellow- Bettina Yellow, Blue- Bettina Aqua, Orange- Bettina Orange
  • Stamp Color: Sally Hansen Silver Sweep
  • Plate: BM201
(**Bettina colors sent for consideration*)


Lynn said...

This is so cool! I love the silver over all the different colors. Very cute and simple!

Whimsical Glam said...

I'm loving this mani! And you're not heart always breaks when I find out my celebrity crush has a girlfriend :(

Lenny said...

cute one!! skittles mani and stamping are both to-go mani for idea-less days :D

NailArtnThings (Kejal) said...

:) that was me who replied to u on twitter! :) :)
Nice mani!! totally rocking..and I need a bright yellow polish in my life now

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