Saturday, November 27, 2010

Some New Goodies :)

 As you know, yesterday was Black Friday, so of course, I went shopping. I got a couple of nail related products and I decided to show them to you :) Probably the product I am most excited about, is my matte topcoat by Hard Candy!! I also got a big bottle of Konad Black Pearl Special Polish (It was on sale, $5) and a new image plate (that was on sale too, $7)

Image Plate M65 :)

I'll have a review on the topcoat as soon as I can :) Thanks for stopping by :)


colorfulbottle said...

Nice haul =)

MorePolishPlz said...

I want! I want! lol .. awesome I'm gunna get the same plate , Love all the designs on the plate. :)

Kelly said...

Colorful bottle: Thanks :)
MorePolishPlz: Cool(: Can't wait to see the color combos you'll come up with :)

merchamren said...

Nice haul!!
I already follow

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