Friday, April 1, 2011

Gionyx Bali Green

Haha, my nails look to stubby in this picture ^^

This is my first Gionyx polish ever and I must say, I am quite pleased(: The formula on this was really good, the drying time wasn't bad at all, and the color is absolutely stunning! Bali Green is a gorgeous green/teal design with just the perfect amount of blue. There is also a teal sheen to it and that gives the polish more depth. Beautiful. Sad part is, is that I had a hard time trying to capture this beauty, and even though I took about a billion photos, these were the only ones closest to it's color..... So yes, the photos are close but not exact, Bali Green has well... more green in it. Now, the only bummer to this polish is the price... it's $12 dollars... maybe more, depending on the exchange rate, lol. (To be honest, I didn't pay for this... my dad did, lol)  I think this is a Korean brand but I am not sure... do you know anything about Gionyx??

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