Thursday, December 30, 2010

Flower to Flower+M64

For Christmas I got my friend two OPI polishes, and one of them was OPI Flower to Flower (which I think was from the Summer Flutter collection...) My friend wanted a floral design so she chose the flower image from the plate M64. Since I am kind of into rhinestones right now, I added 1 rhinestone to each of her thumbs and ring fingers ^_^

Couldn't decide which picture to post so I decided to post both of them :P
Happy New Year everyone!! 

  • Base Color: OPI Flower to Flower
  • Stamp Color: Black Pearl SP
  • IP: M64
  • Rhinestones: Longs Drugs (CVS)


Sylvia said...

That's so cute!

MorePolishPlz said...

Wow Simply Gorgious!..:)

shortwidenails said...

rhinetones yay!!

M64 yay!!

I need to get M64, it' son my list of konad plates to buy. This is a really pretty mani, you did a great job

Kelly said...

Sylvia, MorePolishPlz: Thanks :)

shortwidenails: Hahahaha yes, I have been loving rhinestones lately.. don't know why this is my first time buying them... I should have bought some a LONG time ago ;) Also, DEFINITELY get M64, all of the images are super pretty, I can't stop using that plate! ^_^

April K said...

soo pretty! i just got a Konad set and I am not getting the hang of it yet :-( but your designs look great!!

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