Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Revlon Minted+NOTD

Probably my most favorite mint green polish is Revlon's Minted

NOTD... simple, I know :P

Minted is a GORGEOUS mint/pastel green. The application was extremely patchy on the first coat, got better on the second, and perfect on the third. Dry time is fairly fast. I also wanted to mention that I got the rhinestones from a CVS store. Oh, and Minted is a tad bit more green. 

Do you own Minted?


Keani said...

hahaha glad you like it(:... wait do you? ^_^

naudii beautii said...

Awesome! This was also my first Revlon polish. I was quite impressed with it. To me when I think Revlon I think older people lol! But I like the simpleness of the rhinestones. Nice touch. I've been trying to find rhinestones like that and also ones slightly bigger then those. You know of any places I could get them from?

Kelly said...

Keani: Yes, I LOVE it!! ^_^

Naudii: When I think Revlon, I also think older people too, my mom uses it lol. As for the rhinestones, like I said above, I got these ones at Longs, which is a CVS place, so ya, try your local CVS. Also, think they have rhinestones at Sally Beauty Supply. Hope this helps :) Oh, try walmart, I think they have Kiss Nail Decals.. and i think it comes with rhinestones. ^_^

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