Saturday, July 2, 2011

Nail Mail + How I Store My Plates

YAY! Nail mail! Come take a look :)

My first package of nail mail (I got these this afternoon). I won Jenny, from Polishology's, giveaway! I won my first two Zoya nail polishes! I was soooo excited to get these :)

OMG aren't they gorgeous?? Thank you so much Jenny!!! Swatches will be up as soon as possible!! :)

Colors: Kieko and Tanzy

After months and months of debating whether or not I should get Bundle Monster plates, I finally just bought them. I am so happy that I did(: My BM plates got here pretty fast too, I ordered them on Monday, it shipped out on Tuesday, and got here on Wednesday! I was so surprised. Then I found out they came from a neighboring island... anyway, here are some pics(:

I couldn't really photograph all of them so I just did little sections at a time, lol. Also, they still have the protective film on them, that's why they are blue.

I thought this post would be a cool opportunity to show you how I store my stamping plates so I took some pictures...

I keep my plates in this little metal "suitcase" thing that you can win at the arcade. Like, you play a lot of games, get tickets, and then "buy" prizes with the tickets. My friend got this one for me(: 

Here is the inside. My plates now reach the top!!

Some pictures of my plates... still haven't taken off the film, lol.

This is my scraper. Your probably wondering why the heck I am using an old giftcard. I noticed how my actual stamper scrapes my plates and makes them ugly so then I started using old giftcards. They work just as well and they don't scrape the plates. As you can see, I need a new one. It's all dirty and ugly, and the bottom is starting to get a little dull.

Random picture of my stamper which, sadly, cannot fit in there anymore :(

How do your store your stamping plates?? Have you acquired any nail mail lately?? Anyway, that's it for today, hope you enjoyed this post :)


Derring-do said...

Great storage solution!! I can't wait to see how you use the new images; I totally love your stamped manicures!

Jenny said...

So glad the Zoya's got to you safe and sound! Hope you enjoy them! :D

MorePolishPlz said...

Congrates on the win such pretty polishes and love the plates been wanting them to, I'm getting them next month! I can hardly wait. lol

YaY for Micky Mouse :)

shortwidenails said...

did u buy both sets of plates?

i have the first set..i kind of want the second set..but im trying to save money...ahhh..

no nail mail for me =( there was a Canadian postal strike..and well everything is delayed now..argh!!!!

Kelly said...

shortwidenails: I only bought the second (newest) set (25 pieces). lol, I am trying to save money too. no new nail polish in a while. Hope the strike ends soon(:

Jenny: Oh I will :P

Derring-do: Haha, thanks

MorePolishPlz: Thanks(:

Maartje said...

what a great idea!

I am still looking for an idea to store my plates...

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