Sunday, December 18, 2011

Review: Bettina Base/Top Coat

Hi! Today I will be reviewing Bettina's Base/Top coat(:

Note from me: I wanted to mention that this topcoat does not smear stamping! How awesome is that!? I also wanted to mention that one odd thing happened to me once, I was going to paint my nails and I used this as a base coat, but instead of drying shiny is dried cloudy/matte! I think it was because I just washed the dishes and maybe my nails were still a "damp" but it was weird! That was the only time that's ever happened to me....

Bottle/Price: For about $3-$4 you get a 1/2 FL. OZ (15 ml) bottle of product. You can buy Bettina at two locations in Florida (go to Bettina FB page more more info) or you can purchase then online by emailing Janet (

Bubbling: There is a little bit of bubbling. Not as bad as Pro-FX, but there is bubbling. Have to be careful not to move it around too much. Let it sit for about 10 minutes and the bubbles should go away :)

Brush/Wand: I love Bettina brushes, they are super soft but not too soft, and they fan out nicely. The wand is a pretty nice size as well. Not to short, not too long.

Formula/Smell/Dry Time: The formula is a really nice consintancy. It's thin, but not too thin. It's a tad bit thinner than my Pro-FX products.... It's similar to the NYC Quick Dry. Smell is just like any other Bettina polish meaning it isn't bad. It has that polish smell but not as strong. Dry time was surprisingly fast! Not as fast as Seche of course but really fast! Definitely a major win for this product! Since this product dries fast I wonder how fast their Fast Dry Top Coat is O.o

Gripping: I think this works pretty well as a base coat. It really does grip the polish nicely so it doesn't "move around" is that makes sense. Makes wear time pretty long. Another win.

Anti-Staining: The main reason I use a base coat is to prevent staining, this product passes!

Top Coat: This is an amazing top coat. I didn't expect it to dry that fast and to harden that fast! It's dry to the touch in about 5 min, hardened in 10 min, and fully hardened by tomorrow morning. It's really shiny and smooth. Just to give you an idea about the hardening, it's a little less hard than Seche but it hardens way faster than Pro-FX, which I love! What I also like about it is that it doesn't peel on me like Seche does :) As for wear time, it lasted a good three days before it started to get some tip wear.

Overall: Overall I really love this product. I literally have no complaints other than the bubbling but I can fix that no problem! :) The dry time is amazing and it dries hard, and wear time is pretty good! On top of that it doesn't smear stamping, which is very important to me. This top coat and base coat is an all around win in my book and I recommend it to everyone.

If you have any questions let me know(:

(**Product sent for review**)


♥beauxs mom said...

Nice review, wIsh they sold Bettina where I live.

Nolitoshy said...

I use the Natural Top Coat and I love it! It's similar to Seche Vite!

Great review!

Nailderella said...

thanks for the review!
it's hard to find a great TC!

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