Friday, September 17, 2010

Green Fishnet and Flowers

 I have never used the fishnet design on M57 before so I wanted to try it out. My friend let me borrow her Green Konad Special polish, so of course I wanted to use that too. I thought I might try a green on green design so that's what I did, it looked a little bland so I wanted to add something, I have NEVER used anything on my M25 plate, so I added these cool flowers to the nail (actually, I have only used 1 thing from M25, and that is that one design that goes over your whole nail... kinda..) Here is what it looks like:

I think it turned out pretty good, I mean, my dad said he liked it!! He has never said anything about my nails before lol
  • Base Color: Konad RP Pastel Green (RP= Regular Polish)
  • Konad Color: Green SP
  • IP: M25, M57


Keani said...

OMG!!!!! I LOVE IT<3

Kelly said...

Thanks :) This one has to be one of my most favorites :P

Emeconeme said...

I am loving your blog!!! I have one too and I have recently become addicted to nail polishes and Konad and wow!!!


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