Thursday, September 9, 2010

Teal and Green Design

Today I have another mani to show you!! This one kind of reminds me of a water marble, anyway's here's the pic:
I have decided that I like having grass in the backround, so I am going to start taking the "finished" picture out on the grass. I liked this one because I loved the way the light was shining through

  • Base Color: Sally Hansen the Real Teal
  • Konad Color: Pure Ice Wild Thing
  • IP: M78

 Just a little something on the Konad Topcoat...
Ok, I really DISLIKE the Konad Topcoat :( Yes, it doesn't smear your design but it NEVER DRIES!! Even when it is "dry" all of the sudden you smudge it!!! It is so irritating... I borrowed it from my friend because I wanted to try it out... I am so sad :( WHY KONAD, WHY!!!!!!! Anyway, if I had to choose, I would say Seche Vite instead of the actual Konad Topcoat... But that is just what I think, please tell me your thoughts, thanks!! :)


susies1955 said...

Huh, how strange. My Konad topcoat dries fine. :)
Love your Konading. I would be anal and have them all in the same direction. I 'love' the way you stamped it. :)
Great job,

Kelly said...

@susie1955: Hmm, that is strange... maybe I should give it another chance (lol) Usually I am always anal with my konading too (I try super hard to get it all the same but it usually doesn't turn out that way). But this one I stamped all of them different on purpose for the "marble" effect, I really liked this one, sadly, I was watching a movie (To Save a Life, WOW GOOD MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!) and I peeled everything off!! :( Oh well :p

susies1955 said...

LOL, you are too funny.
I never ever watch scary stuff. :)

Kelly said...

Actually, To Save a Life is not a scary movie, it is about a guy and his friend commits suicide, it shows how it affects his life and he starts looking to find the answer to why his friend commit suicide, then he tries helping other people and stuff, IDK, hard to explain lol
but ya, like you, i never watch scary movies, but, i read scary books, I LOVE THEM!! but i guess in movies i actually see it and it freaks me out.. idk lol :p

Sarah said...

haha!! I was the same way as a wee thing. I read all the rl stein books I could get my hands on. Don't know if they still have those... and guess what? I hate the konad top coat too! it's too yellow, it feels like glue (way more than seche vite to me), and it smeared my zebra tonight. Seche vite didn't smear the zebra on my toes. But the konad did smear on my thumbs. WEIRD. and dumb.
Oh well. Anyone want a bottle? =0)

Kelly said...

Sarah: Yes, they do still have the RL stein books... but for some reason i don't read those..... i love murder mysteries... i also love books about psycho stalkers.. been reading about stalkers a lot lately (a lot of books by Laurie Faria Stolarz are about stalkers and "gifted" people, i love her) About the Konad Top coat, your right, the first time i ever used it it smeared my konad design, i was all like, "isn't this supposed to NOT smear your design)
And now that you mention it, it is a little bit yellow!! weird. and YES, i would LOVE a bottle lol (jk)

Adriele said...

I love your nails!!!
Pls follow my blog!!!

Kelly said...

I just checked it out and I LOVE it, too bad it isn't in english ;) Well, now you have 1 more follower :)

maRyya said...

i have a nail polish blog,too and maybe you'd like to visit it and follow?

Kelly said...

MaRyya: I just subscribed to your blog :) It would be really awsome if you could subscribe to my blog too :)

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