Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sunflower Manicure

Today I did my friends nails and I think they turned out pretty good!! What I am really excited about is that we used a China Glaze nail polish!! Ok, so my friend was at the fair and she came across a booth that was selling old China Glaze and OPI polishes for only $3.50!! How cool is that?? Anyway, here is finished manicure:

So I call this my Sunflower Manicure, I like it :) It's really simple to do, also, I tried taking the pic under the usual white backround but every single picture turned out horrible :( Then, I took a pic on the grass (for my personal FB page) and it looked pretty good.

  • Base Color: Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow
  • Konad Color: China Glaze Divine Insparation
  • IP: M74
After I finished her nails we went for a bike ride and were going over the bridge, I made her stop so I could take a picture, man it was beautiful :)

Those little silver things are dead Tuna fish someone threw (I have no idea why lol)
That large one... has no body.. that is just the head. My friend and I, NONSTOP LAUGHING!!

What a beautiful day in Hawaii :)


susies1955 said...

LOVE your mani. :) I love the combination.
Your going over the bridge photos are great. :)

Chica said...

@susie1955: Thanks :)

rins said...

Hi! The color combo looks great! :)

Chica said...

@rins: Thanks!! I am glad you like it :)

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