Monday, October 4, 2010

Bumblebee Swirls

Today I have the bumblebee version of my last post :P This one I did on my friend sometime last week but I just didn't post it yet. Also, I bought 4 new nail polishes when I was shopping with my friend and I am SUPER excited about all of them. I'll have pictures of them on my Nail Polish Collection tab sometime tomorrow and the swatches will be up sometime this week :) I am super bummed that I didn't get Mean and Green from MAC (From the new Venomous Villians collection), I went there but the MAC people said that they were sold out!! I was all like, WHAT.THE.HECK. Isn't the collection brand new?? I was really surprised because I figured no one on this island would know about the collection, boy was I wrong!! Oh well, I got some other goodies so I am happy :)

  • Base Color: Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Lightning 
  • Konad Color: Konad Black Pearl SP
  • IP: M64


Let them have Polish! said...

Mean and Green is a dead on Dupe of Orly's Space Cadet which is a lot cheaper and a larger bottle. There is literally no difference. IDK if you have Orly out there but just a heads up :) Anywho this is such a cute mani. I love how bright it is.

Kelly said...

I am not sure if they sell orly here.... But I am ALWAYS looking :) But I knew for sure they sell MAC here so I was really excited, when i saw the swatches for it i was all like, OMGGGGGGGG, DUPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE oh well though, one day, i will get my hands on space cadet ;)

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