Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bling Dynasty

This shimmery gold beauty is Bling Dynasty. It's seriously gorgeous! The first three pictures were taken in the shade and the rest in the sunlight. I took these this morning though so it wasn't that sunny. Anywho, onto the pics!

Haha, first of all, ignore the slight pink color near the bottom of the bottle, that's just my shirt reflection.

Bling Dynasty is this amazing shimmery, foil-y gold! Like seriously, this color is stunning! It look really bad on me though... gold just doesn't suit me, which is a bummer because like I said, this color is stunning. The formula was fab and it applied evenly. Dry time was actually fairly quick. This is 2 coats.

I usually don't use this by itself though. Just because I look kind of bad in gold. BUT, I wear it anyway and with some black Konad, it doesn't look that bad. This was actually my new year mani which you can see (HERE).

Do you own Bling Dynasty?


Marta said...

I actually think this colour looks great on you!!! This is such a nice alternative to a yellow polish (which I don't like)... I'll have to look into this shade. Me likes!!!!

Bookworm Nails said...

Ooh this is really a nice burnished gold color. I can see this color working well for fall!

Kelly said...

Haha, thanks everyone(:

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