Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mermaid's Tail??

I decided on something simple today(:

It looks nice from a distance

Random photo that I thought was awesome

Geez, I have no idea why my nails looks so bumpy.... they are perfectly smooth, I swear, lol. Anyway, not much to say about this... it doesn't look amazing up close but I like the way it looks from a distance.
For some reason this sort of reminds me of scales on a mermaid's tail... 

Do you like subtle or stark manicures?? 

  • Base Color: OPI Planks-a-lot
  • Stamp Color: Rimmel Marine Blue
  • Plate: M57


shortwidenails said...

ur stamping is exceptional!! want to share tips? whenever I stamp full image designs I can never get the image to tranfer to the edges of my it will skip the edge and stamp onto my skil..

any tips?

Kelly said...

ShortWideNails: Haha, I am no expert... but this is what I do, well, first of all, make sure you clean your plate and stamper, sometimes natural hand oils make the stamp process a pain in the butt. As for the stamp on skin thing... maybe press the stamp down a little harder and align it a little bit more?? But actually, I think your stamping is amazing :)

Hope this is helpful to you

Iza said...

This design is really cute and simple :) Love the color choice!

MorePolishPlz said...

o0o Looks awesome! love the combination with the colors. Thanks for sharing :)


Nail Designs xox said...

Love this! And I love both subtle and stark manicures :)

Kelly said...

Thanks everyone(:

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