Thursday, February 10, 2011


Jenny from Polishology commented on my last TOTD (HERE), that I should do that design as a full mani, so I did(: Except, I didn't do it with purple, I did it with blue instead. Just because I already posted the purple one and everything... it would be kind of pointless to change the whole post and stuff.... ANYWAY, I actually like the purple one a lot better, but this one is nice too(: (Only problem is that my stamping is awful! >.<) 

Let me know what you think(:

  • Base Color: China Glaze Frostbite
  • Stamp Color: Sally Hansen Gold Chrome Pen
  • Plate: M74


MissMidnightBlue said...

I neeeeeed to get this color. :) Its so pretty and glow-y. :D

polish lava said...

oh stop it!!! you're stamping is totally amazing and you know it :)

*Eva* said...

beautiful nails!

Kelly said...

MissMidnightBlue: Yes! Definitely get it, Frostbite is one of my most favorite polishes ever! :)

Polish Lava: Hahaha, I only wish my stamping was amazing(:

Eva: Thanks!!(:

Shadow said...

THe stamping looks great! I love this design I have to get that plate now. By the way check out my blog I answered the questions you had on brush on gel nails.

Kelly said...

Shadow: Thanks for answering my question(: I got a notification via email this morning. Thanks again(:

Also, that design is basically the only design I use on the plate. One of them I just plain out don't wanna use, another one looks better on longer nails, and it has like weird half fishnet things... but the plate is still totally worth it just because the print above ^^^^^^ is soooo cutee!! :)

Maururu said...

Adoro esta mani!!

visita mi blog:

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