Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects: Girl Flower

Why do my fingers always look gross?? 
 My fingers seriously don't look like this lol
Wrinkle Alert! JK, my fingers don't look like this IRL

Hi everyone(:  My friend got me the Girl Flower one for my birthday, I was so excited to use them!! 
So after about a month of waiting, I finally opened the box and applied them. So, what do you think??
I personally like them, and they are so simple to use!

Tip: I couldn't figure out how to file off the excess like it shows in the picture (on the box), so I found that it was just easier to cut it as close to the nail as possible. Also, instead of filing regularly, file downward, it's a lot easier and it works better. Another easy way to get rid of the excess is to fold the remaining polish strip over the edge of your nail, and using the rough side of the file, file downwards.


BeautyByBrittany said...

I LOVE this design!! They look great on you! I bought a box and have yet to use them!

Beauty shades said...

I love it. I had some nail art foil but it takes to long to do, and your picture looks even better that the foil

Fashion Meets Food said...

I havent seen those in stores yet but when I do I am definitely getting them. Love your blog I am a new follower!


Kelly said...

Beauty by brittany: thanks(:

Beauty Shades: I'm sure you'll get the hang of the foil thing soon(: I haven't use foil before so I don't know any tips when it comes to applying. These strips were made out of real nail polish so ya... This was my first time using anything like this(:

Fashion meets food: thanks so much for following, I appreciate it(:

Nicola said...

beautiful design and color. I'm your new follower :)

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