Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Blog Award

 I've been tagged by Cristina from Let Them Have Polish!  for this award :) Cristina, thank you so much. This made my day :)

Here are the rules:

- Post about this award and copy the rules. Link the person that has tagged you.
- Choose 3-5 blogs you would like to tag and link them too. Leave a comment on their blog that you’ve linked them.
- Important: This award is for unknown blogs or the ones that are just starting out rather than the “big names."

Here are some of my favorite "unknown" blogs :)

Beauty by Brittany - Brittany does super cute konadicures and has great posts in general. I always look forward to seeing a new post from her on my dashboard :)
Konad Covered Nails - Steph is very good at free hand nail art and she does konad. It's the best of both worlds ;) 
Fiercely Fresh Fingertips - This blogger also does cute free hand nail art and konad ^_^

1 comment:

Amanda said...

thank you, i just received your e-mail!

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