Saturday, January 15, 2011

Butterfly Earrings :)

Yesterday I got some really pretty butterfly earrings, and just for fun, I wanted to show them to you :)

1st pair:



2nd Pair:


3rd Pair:


A friend of my dads sells these BEAUTIFUL earrings. They are all real butterfly wings that are laminated. They also have these really cute silver butterfly charms on the top :) Anyways, you like?? ^_^

P.S.  I wanted to mention that I am not trying to harm butterflies or whatever by wearing earrings that are made out of their wings. I am actually a butterfly (and animal) lover, they are one of the most beautiful creatures on earth :)


Tassa said...

Cute! :)

Lacquerish said...

those are soo pretty! If I had the appropriate holes to wear them I totally would! Haha! only problem is the holes in my ears are way too big to wear "normal" earrings anymore!
Which doesn't bother me... except when I see something like this! tell him great job! =0)
ps- I especially love the first and last pair!

Isabel said...

beautiful, but, poor butterflies

Kelly said...

Isabel: ya, I feel bad sometimes too. But I think some of them only live for a day.

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