Wednesday, November 23, 2011

10 Day Challenge: Day 3

Hi loves! I already did "Day 3" nails but I didn't like them so I decided to do them again. Is that cheating?? Oh well :P Also, in case you didn't know or forgot, today's challenge is book inspired nails!

So today's nails were inspired by Nickelodeon's Avatar: The Last Airbender. I got the actual nail idea from Ihaveacupcake on Youtube. I absolutely love the Avatar series! I haven't read the books but I own all three seasons of the TV show. In fact, my whole family loves the TV show :) I saw the movie but I didn't really like it :/

Ok, so on the middle finger freehanded Aang's arrow and on the pinky I have the Airbending symbol. Since I suck at nail art (you would know that if you saw my first Day 3 attempt) I decided to use this stamp that semi looked like the symbol. I stamped each swirl one at a time and placed it on my pinky. I freehanded the blue french tips.

Here is the book cover and the symbol:

Be sure to check out Jessica's take on today's challenge! 

  • Blue: Bettina Vintage Jean
  • Stamp Color: Wet N Wild White Creme
  • Plate: BM224
(**Bettina product sent for review**)


LuvMyLacquer said...

I haven't read this or seen the movie. Looks like something my son would enjoy =) I really like that blue, so pretty!

Kelly said...

It's an amazing show! Definitely check it out :)

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