Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tag: 14 Random Questions

Hi! So I was tagged by Jessica AKA Luv My lacquer to do this fun random question post(: Thanks Jessica! Ok, so this is probably going to be a long so I'm just going to go ahead and get started :)

Ok, so question number one....

1. Theatre or Cinema? Why?
Where I live, there aren't any theatre shows (although once in a while there is a play, I love plays) so I guess I would have to say Cinema. I love going to the movies though, whether it be with family or friends :)

2. If you had to choose whether to invest your money into a great concert or some kind of commodity, which one would you choose?
Concert for sure! I have only been to a couple concerts but the bands are super small so you've probably never heard of them, haha. I live on Kauai so nobody comes here >.> My taste in music is literally all over the place so I'm not sure who's concert I would go too....

3. The most memorable concert you've ever attended
I went to this all girls conference called Believe sometime last year (I think) and this band played called Goodbye Elliot. The music was ok but it the conference was really good and my friends and I were having a good time. I just remember it being really fun. I've probably only been to like 3 concerts so I don't have any interesting story's to tell :P

4. A movie or tv series that always cheers you up
IDK about a movie, but I watch tv shows religiously, haha. For ones that cheer me up (the other ones are super intense) would have to be... Modern Family and Hart of Dixie. I watch a LOT of shows but those are my two favorites in the "easy to watch/makes me happy" category :)

5.  Nightstand Book Of The Moment
Pretty Little Liars "Twisted".

6. A Movie That You Last Saw?
I saw "In Time" with Kelsey. It was an overall good movie. The plot was interesting, acting wasn't horrible. I liked it a lot!

7. How Much Do You Follow Trends
Never. I wear whatever I want, when I want. I dress pretty casual. Abercrombie denim and tee shirts most of time.

8. Something That Has Been A Hobby Of Yours For A Long Time
Reading. I love to read. I also make jewelry (did that for three years) except lately I haven't had the time :/

9. A Drink That Goes With A Cozy Evening
Hot Chocolate for sure! I love eating a nice meal, drinking that afterwards and watching a good TV show :)

10. Do You Laugh A Lot?
Maybe a little too much. I am the "crazy/weird" one of the group. I just love to hang loose and have a good time. And I love to make my friends laugh. Ya. I'm strange. >.>

11. If You Could Choose A Decade To Live In Which One Would It Be? Why?
Ok, since I am bad with decades and stuff, I am going to use movies as a reference. Ok, I would love to live in "old england". I really like the way they dressed Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downy Jr. one) and in the recent Alice In Wonderland movie. I just love that kind of clothing and I wish you could wear that now-a-days. But here, you would be frowned upon, haha. I also love the way the dress in that movie Captain America and Hairspray.

Also, I watch this show called The Wonder Years and I would really love to live in that time. Life just looked and seemed easier and more laid back and less intense, haha.

12. Is There A TV Show You Watch Regularly? If So, Which One?
I watch a ton of TV shows and when one takes a break to film some more episodes, more come out. But my ones as of this moment would have to be Grimm, Once Upon A Time, Hart Of Dixie, Secret Circle, Up All Night, Modern Family, and there might be 2 more but I can't remember.... but the one that I watch almost every day is Everybody Hates Chris.

13. Would you prefer a lying-on-the-beach-vacation or a vacation full of sightseeing? 

Both! I would love to lay on the beach (with friends of course!!) but I would probable get bored of that so maybe put in a couple sight seeing trips (and the mall) and I would be happy :) 

14. An idealistic climate for you?
I really like the climate here, but I wish it snowed. I love cold weather!! And cold weather fashion :)

Thanks so much for tagging me Jessica! It was fun although it took me while to do :P I'm tagging Marketta from Pink Polish Addict, Rie from Nails and Noms, Amy from I'm Feeling Nail-Venturous, and and Marisa from Polish Vixen.

But if your reading this feel free to do this tag as well! You can post them in the comments, I would love to read them :)

**EDIT** I have no idea what's up with the size and font of the last two questions. It doesn't look like that in drafts and I am too lazy to fiddle with it :P

Thanks so much for reading :)

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LuvMyLacquer said...

I love reading these Tags & it's so cool that we have more in common than polish! =)

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